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Viking Art Box
  • Viking Art Box

    This Viking Art box is covered with creatures galore! On the Raven Shield side, the words "Health" and "Happiness" circle the raven, while the words "Strength" and "Courage" adorn the Wolf Shield side. 

    6.25 by 4.75 inches, with a height of 3 inches.

    • Care Instructions

      All non-food artwork is coated with an acrylic spray to protect against UV rays. In general, it is wise to not hang or display your pieces in direct sunlight, nor directly near a heat source (e.g., the furnace vent or under a high wattage lamp) or fading could occur. 

      Normal accumulation of dirt and oil can add to the effects of aging. Lightly wash the surface of your piece with a damp, SOFT slightly soapy cloth, then rinse with a clean, lightly dampened cloth. For heavy dirt use Murphy’s Oil Soap. It’s excellent for both wood burnings and wood carvings.

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