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I spent 10 years running a dog training business and close to 20 years running a veterinary hospital.  I loved the work we did helping animals and their people, but in 2011 I realized that I was spending way too much of my life working, stressing, running around, and paying no attention to the beautiful things in life.  So, I closed my training business in March 2011, set out on a quest to re-invent my life, and re-discovered my childhood love for art & beauty.  And that's how Slivinski Art started.  In 2016 my husband and I sold our veterinary hospital and moved our family of 12 critters & 2 persons cross-country from California to New Jersey, and now I get to be a full-time artist and author!

Being out in nature takes me to a state of inner peace.  I hope that my nature-themed art helps to remind you of the beautiful things in life and helps to make your journey through this tough world a little more peaceful too! 

My writing is largely fantasy-based, but I also sometimes write stories about animals. For more information and to follow my author blog, check out my author website at Loring Slivinski, Author 


Namaste, Loring Slivinski

News & Awards

April 2019

- Honorable Mention, Hammonton Arts Center for "Pyro Lion"

Upcoming Shows

No shows scheduled at this time due to COVID--19

February 2019

- People's Choice Award and Honorable Mention for "Tobacco Table", Hammonton Arts Center

All Art & images by Loring Slivinski

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