Leafy Seadragon Violin

Perfect for the music-lover OR ocean-lover in your family, a Leafy Seadragon adorns one side of this violin, while a seahorse sits among kelp on the other.  (This item is decorative only, and is not playable).


Pyrography on Violin.

Leafy Seadragon Violin

  • Notes on the Care and Feeding of Pyrographic Art:  


    All food items (cutting boards, spoons, cups, bowls, etc.) are sealed with food-safe mineral oil, which does NOT have a UV block in  it, so I recommend storing these items out of direct light.  


    All other artwork is coated with a light acrylic spray to protect against UV rays.  If the acrylic ever chips, contact me and I will repair it for free.

    In general, it is wise to not hang or display your pieces in direct sunlight, nor directly near a heat source (e.g., the furnace vent or under a high wattage lamp). Normal accumulation of dirt and oil can added to the effects of aging. Lightly wash the surface of your piece with a damp, SOFT slightly soapy cloth, then rinse with a clean, lightly dampened cloth. For heavy dirt use Murphy’s Oil Soap.