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Pyrography Commissions

Would you like a hand-made piece of pyrography art made just for you? Consider commissioning me for your project.


Commission Q&A

Q: How do commissions work?  A: You provide me with a few photos of your subject, choose a size, and I create a piece of art just for you.

Q: What kinds of subject can you burn? A: Being an animal nut surrounded by other animal nuts, I've done a lot of pet portraits.  But I'm happy to consider any other subject - landscapes, flowers, wildlife are my favorites. 

Q: What does a commission cost? A: The price varies based on the size and subject (subjects with a lot of dark areas tend to cost a little more, due to the increased time needed to burn them). For a free estimate, fill out my Commission Request form. 

Q: Do you require a deposit? A: Yes, a deposit of 50% is required before work begins. All deposits are fully refundable until work has actually begun, but if work has begun, only 50% of the deposit will be refundable. 

Previous Projects

Commission Request Form

Please give me as much detail as possible about your project. If I need more information before I can give you an estimate, I will contact you via email. 

Thanks for your interest in a custom piece of art! We will be in touch soon.

Our Clients

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