Contact Me - Slivinski Art

If you'd like to purchase my jewelry in-person, please visit the following locations ~

Pacific Java Cafe - 450 Dondee St # 6, Pacifica

P-Town Cafe - 152 Reina Del Mar Ave, Pacifica, CA

And as soon as I know which festivals I'm doing, I'll post them here and on my Facebook page.

To find me digitally or telephonically see below ~

E-mail:  seagypsy315 (at)  (substitute the (at) with the usual symbol - I do this to keep down the amount of SPAM I get.)

Phone:  650-557-1583

Facebook:   SlivinskiArtPyrography

Etsy:  SlivinskiArt

Twitter:  SlivinskiArt

Instagram: @slivinski_art

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