News & Awards

April 2019

- Honorable Mention, Hammonton Arts Center for "Pyro Lion"

Upcoming Shows

Next show will be in the fall of 2020.

February 2019

- People's Choice Award and Honorable Mention for "Tobacco Table", Hammonton Arts Center

All Art & images by Loring Slivinski


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Nature-Themed Art

"...take the peaceful essence of nature everywhere..."​

A walk in the woods, the salt wind in my hair.  These are the things that make life worth living.  These are things that renew my soul.

Do you find peace and solace in nature?  Does your heart sing with the lap of waves on the beach, the rustle of leaves in the forest, or the sparkle in your puppy's eyes?  

Keep a piece of that goodness close to your heart!  Whether my seaglass earrings remind you of a vacation you took (or are longing to take) or a wood-burning reminds you of a long-lost furry friend, my hope is to make your day just a little more peaceful and happy through art.  

If you don't see a piece for sale that grabs you, contact me for a private commission!  I'd love to create a special piece of art just for YOU!

Lion Woodburning

Pyrography is my main focus:  I create wildlife, nautical and other nature-themed art on a variety of objects, including plaques, boxes, gourds, signs, and other wooden shapes.  I also have a line of woodburned jewelry.  Custom pieces are always welcome - I especially enjoy creating pet portraits -- contact me for scheduling and pricing.

Picture of woodburned jewelry

Looking for some body bling that's unique and beautiful?  Check out my  woodburned jewelry!  I also create jewelry from seaglass, exotic woods, wire, and metal.  All with a natural focus, of course!

Photo of a whale fluke dripping with water

Taking after my father, I've always been an avid photographer.  I love the play of light on natural elements, and peeking into the little niches of the world that people normally don't notice.

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